Thanks for getting in touch with Volta Supper Club. We’re pretty sure the answer to your question is in the list below. If it’s not, we will come back to you but please read to the end just to be really really sure it isn't.

When can I enjoy the Volta Supper Club experience?
Volta Supper Club is open 7 days a week for dinner from 18h30 till around 11ish.

I’m in love with your pizzaiolo. How can I declare my eternal flame to him?
The best way to show your love for our pizzaiolo is to devour every single pizza he makes, by coming back every day and staring straight into his eyes. Otherwise there’s an unconfirmed rumour that he always finishes his service with a cocktail in the bar that has no name.

I want to book a table or change/cancel my reservation.
You can book your table directly on our website - For any modification to an existing booking, simply use the link in your confirmation email.

I want to reserve for 10 people or more.
Please send us an email at and our team will come back to you shortly.
Can I come without a reservation?
We always keep space free in the restaurant, so just come by and we’ll do our best to find somewhere lovely for you to sit. And if we don't have space when you arrive, you'll be welcome to wait in our speakeasy while tasting a delicious cocktail (weekends only). But please don’t show up on a Friday night with a group of 12 as this may be a bit tricky.

Do you have a table last minute available?
Yes, maybe we do - you can either see if there’s space by making a reservation on our website, or just come on by. If there’s no table free at that instant, our bar in the bar that has no name that no one must know exists and which really shouldn’t be in the FAQs will serve you an amazing drink.

I want to book the whole restaurant.
We don’t do that at the moment.
Maybe. One day. Or if you pay us so much that we could retire the whole team and open Volta on a sunny private island, where it would just be our own supper club, where we would sit on the beach having the amazing cocktails off the menu, reading books and eating pizzas. Going for a quick dip in pristine waters when we got too hot...and then eating more pizza… and another cocktail… Maybe then we would privatise the restaurant.

Do you do takeaway?
Yes we do. Just pop in the restaurant and ask our staff for your favourite pizza.

Do you do delivery?
Yes. We're live on UberEats. Click here for pizza and cocktails at home.

I left my phone/wallet/bag/coat/kitchen sink when I came by last night.
Easiest way to get in touch is to come on by the restaurant.

Do you have a phone number?
No. Why? We don’t want a phone ringing permanently in the dining room. And there are enough ways to get in touch. And we do have a digital booking platform.

I want to bring my dog. Can I bring my dog?
We love dogs. But not in the evening. Only for lunch.

Do you have a vegan option?
Yes we do. We should be able to make a vegan pizza and you can also ask our staff for additional options. That's just the way we roll.

I’m pregnant can I eat at Volta Supper Club?
Of course. Just let our lovely staff guide you through the menu. We also have delicious mocktails, which you shouldn’t miss.

Do you have any gluten free pizza?
As much as we would love to offer a gluten free dough, we haven’t yet found one that makes a pizza that's of a high enough standard for us. But...on weekends we do have pinsa’s which are very light on gluten with only 40% of the flours used containing gluten. And if you really can’t eat any gluten, you can choose gluten free options from our mozzarella bar and meat counter.

What is a pinsa?
In two words, airy and light. A pinsa is a different type of pizza dough, originally from Rome, which has a thinner and lighter texture. It is made with different type of flours (rice, soy and wheat) than our contemporary Neapolitan pizza, which means it's much lighter on gluten too. Our pinsa dough goes through two fermentation processes (direct and indirect) before being cooked in two different ovens to provide the amazing taste and texture.

Apparently you have a speakeasy? Is this true?
No? Really? Who said the word speakeasy? That’s not us? OK, so now we’ve gotten rid of those who don’t want to go further, yes, it might be true that we have a bar with no name that's open Friday to Saturday till 1, where we have a list of amazing house cocktails that changes on a regular basis. The best way to stay informed about the speakeasy (that doesn’t exist) is our Insta page here

Can I come to the speakeasy just for a drink?
What speakeasy? But yes. When the bubble gum light is on, come on down, or up, or maybe it’s not there.

I love the wallpaper downstairs.
Yeah us too. It’s from House of Hackney, in London, where we were inspired by the bars, the places for dinners that we missed to open Volta. So for us it was a nice reminder, a little throw back.

I love the graphic design, but why a donkey?
We wanted something to remove the serious out of life. And what better than an ass to do that. We don’t take ourselves too seriously at Volta. We love life, impeccable service and high quality produce, good value food, and we thought a donkey was also a nice symbol for that. If you too care for donkeys like we do, don’t hesitate to donate here.

I love your playlists. Where can I find them?
Most playlists were made by Thea Pani and can be found here.

What does Volta Supper Club mean?
Volta Supper Club is a place for belonging, a place where people feel at home, in the right mess. Volta doesn't take itself too seriously, but we know that quality is key. Volta is a club of like-minded people who love great food and great vibes. And for those who still don't get it, here is Google definition of a Supper Club: "a restaurant or nightclub serving suppers and usually providing entertainment".

Is there extra cost for the private dining room?
Nope. Same price as the main dining room. Just private. So if you have one of those scenes from Italian gangster movies to play out, where all the big family bosses sit around and decide who will get Uncle Tony’s territory, this room is for you. Or if you just want to have a really nice dinner with friends, this room is also for you, and it costs nothing more.

I want to work with Volta Supper Club
We’re always looking for talented individuals. If you happen to be the world's best pizzaiolo, mixologist, bar staff, waiter, dishwashers, please send us an email to with your CV and your favourite pizza topping and we’ll get back to you if it's a perfect match.